An Instagram workout database

I’m exploring an idea to build a curated Instagram fitness directory. I’m resisting the urge to start building, and instead, I am forcing myself to talk to customers and do initial customer research and validation.

The idea

A massive library of Instagram workouts that you can search & filter, save, and track. I think there is a huge opportunity here with the sheer number of fitness influencers with a massive following that regularly post workouts to Instagram that look something like this:

I think the opportunity here is to parse all of these workouts that meet certain criteria into a central repo and then layer on additional functionality. For example, imagine breaking out each exercise in the workout above into a data type. Something like:

  • Glue Bridge
  • Split Squat
  • Stiff Leg
  • Kick over to kick out
  • Narrow Squat

Then, as you do the workout you log your performance for each exercise. As the exercise database grows, you could even click a specific exercise and explore all of the other trainers that have incorporated the same exercise into their workout. For example, imagine I really loved the “Glute Bridge” exercise. I could click that and then explore other similar workouts for next time.

Filtering & Sorting

Another key feature would be the ability to slice the workouts based on the type of workout I’m looking for. Maybe I need something quick, or maybe I have a ton of energy and am looking for an hour-long workout. Here’s my rough list of initial data filters:

  • Duration
  • Difficulty
  • Type (strength, flexibility, cardio, interval)
  • Equipment (bands, barbells, etc)
  • Focus area (abs, lower/upper body, cardio)
  • Noise level (this is interesting, one trend I saw was this notion of workouts that don’t have a lot of hopping around so as to not disturb downstairs neighbors)
  • Category (pregnancy, sport-specific, running)

Fake fitness noise

My initial research so far is showing that there will be a lot of noise that I’ll need to cut through in the fitness community. There are many Instagram fitness influencers that are only profiting off of affiliate revenue. However, there are also a lot of really great fitness coaches & athletes posting quality content that this database could help surface.

Next Steps

Build out an Airtable of 50 workouts fully categorized based on the above filters. Make the table filter-able and search-able. Share to fitness communities to see if there is value in exercise/workout curation.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you if you regularly use Instagram as a source for workout ideas.